Right ports for firewall

Core Machine

Linux Ubuntu Studio, on intel nuc 8i5 BEH
iptables, ufw and gufw are already installed
multicast and broadcast are enabled

Network Details

Dd Wrt router
Gufw firewall on Linux.

Audio Devices

I am using a Sonore UltraRendu with SMSL USB DC.

Description of Issue

gufw is the Linux firewall used. It is set this way: when I put the gufw on it blocks all incoming signals except the Roon ports 9003 UDP and 9100:9200 TCP.

The problem is: When setting up this Roon does not see the streamer anymore after rebooting the core. When rebooting the streamer (Sonore) it does see the core in a few minutes.

When setting the gufw to allow incoming signals no problem occurs, but of course then it is not firewalling anymore.

I am looking for the right ports, that the incoming signals are on deny excepted the ports Roon uses. Which ports are used by Roon?


Not official support but,

the Roon core must be reachable not just via UDP 9003 and TCP 9100 - 9200 ports, but multicast and broadcast communication must also be allowed in the firewall.

See: https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/linux-install and Android Roon Remote looses connection to Core (daily) - #46 by CRo and/or
Can't find Roon "Core" from Remote - #8 by brian

yes it is known for me that multicast and broadcast need to be enabled

This how it is been done in my system, hope it is the right way:

in the /etc/uwf/before.rules this is added

-A ufw-before-input -m pkttype —pkt-type multicast -j ACCEPT
-A ufw-before-input -m pkttype —pkt-type broadcast -j ACCEPT

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