Right speaker failed

Hi There,

Anyone have the same problem with the LS50 wireless 1. The lights on the left speaker flashing and the error is that there is something wrong with my right speaker. I mailed KEF support 3 times and never a response and of course no warranty.
It is not nice from KEF that such costly speakers are after 3 years broken and no warranty.
My question is, has anyone the same problems with the LS50 Wireless 1 and the poor (or no) support from KEF
With regards
Nico Raspoort

The LS50W did have a reliability issue. I’m sure that @Ben_Hagens can point you in the right direction to get some support on the issue.

Thanks Tony.

Hi @Nico_Raspoort, I’ll private message you separately

Hi Ben,
I live in The Netherlands and it’s great that you respond to my post. I really like that. When I startup the KEF ls50 Wireless 1 All the light on the “main” speaker begin to flikker. there is sound on the main speaker but no sound on the “slave” speaker. I tried different kind of cat6, cat7 etc. high quality cables. But the error stays. And I can’t find anything on the internet except the message that here is a problem with your “slave” speaker.

I thank in advance and with great greetings

Nico Raspoort