RIP Anthony H. Cordesman - Renaissance man passes away

Read the final two paragraphs for a surprise reveal…


Yes, I’ve been reading Anthony’s audio reviews since the early '80s, and would watch his Middle East and global analyses on the news. Quite a breadth of talent and interests.

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Not a surprise for me in regard to his writings on hifi, maybe it depends on your age.
If anyone is curious, tons of stuff here."anthony%20cordesman"

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Anthony H. Cordesman, who died on January 29, was a well respected national security analyst.

But he was also an audio reviewer. I read his thoughtful review of the Meridian Sooloos system in The Absolute Sound 2010, which made me go out and buy it. I rapidly retired my other sources and lived with Sooloos alone — my own CDs, we didn’t have streaming services. And then Sooloos grew up and became Roon, and I’m exclusively Roon.

Thank you, Anthony. R.I.P.


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