RIP David Bowie

David Bowie has passed away aged 69 (Jan 8) after an 18 month battle with cancer. The first rock concert I ever went to (Melbourne 1978) and one of my biggest musical influences. Think I’ll put on Hunky Dory.


Yes, a great shock this. I was never lucky enough to see him live but he was a massive part of my musical life when I was at college in London in the early 1970’s.

[quote=Actor Simon Pegg wrote on Instagram]If you’re sad today, just remember the world is over 4 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.[/quote]Nice thought.

This Telegraph Article is well worth a read.

I only got to see Bowie once on the Lets Dance Tour. I’m going to put on Station to Station and then Low.

Caught the Oakland stop on that one myself. A huge loss, but Roon and Tidal are softening the blow.

Sad indeed, I’ve grown up my younger days listening to his music. He is indeed a classic performer and deeply missed him.

I was initially shocked at his Darkstar album, but getting to like it a lot. Listened to so much of his music in my younger days. Always a bit sad when a star warmly remembered from your younger days passes.