RIP David Crosby


CSNY had amazing harmony of voices. Crosby could hit the strings hard for a special extra satisfying sound. Roon is the reason I read that most musician die much sooner. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I think he just means that he finds out about musicians dying on this site before he sees it anywhere else.


he’s been amazingly productive the last 6-8 years, starting with the release of Croz, and the albums he recorded with what became The Lighthouse Band.

As noted above, Here If You Listen is fabulous, and can stand with his best work, but Croz, Live at the Capitol Theater, Skytrails, Lighthouse, and For Free are all worth checking out. six albums in 7 years for a guy in his 70s-80s is remarkable.

and there’s one more in the can that should come out soon.


“Carry Me” Track 14 Live at The Capitol Theatre Is most appropriate. May he fly high forever.

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