RIP David Lindley

He was, to use an overworked phrase, a musician’s musician. I first found out about him through his delightful song Cat Food Sandwiches. He played guitar and slide guitar with pretty much everybody.


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Oh no sadness

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A unique person and a unique talent with a CV to die for. RIP David

I used to check every week to see if he had released something new, but understandably that hasn’t happened lately. Really had to wipe away a tear, rest in peace.

R.I.P. David.

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What a great musician. I saw him many times (with Jackson Browne and much later solo). Always amazing. He was the nicest guy in the world to talk with after a show. Very generous with his time and really seemed to enjoy interacting with his fans. RIP

RIP. Brought a lot of joy to his music, and, as a result, my life. I wore the grooves off of a few albums he graced, including all the JB collaborations, and the first El Rayo Ex album.

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Such a talented and kind soul. My first live experience seeing him was with El Rayo-X in Atlanta supporting the ‘Very Greasy’ release - what an exuberant night that was!

Brother Dave is Gone, but the music carries us on - listening to ‘Love Is Strange’ now with a tearful smile…

I was doing the same thing. Used to get the tour emails, he’d been silent for a while. Really going to miss Mr. Dave.

Kaleidoscope was one of my favorite live bands back in the 60s. If you haven’t, check out their albums ‘Side Trips’ and ‘Beacon from Mars’ for a different take on the early psychedelic sound.

Caught a NYE show in the 80s at Bimbo’s 365 in SF with Warren Zevon, outstanding…

Thanks for the music and RIP Mr Lindley