RIP Dick Dale, surf guitar god

(New Haven, CT, USA) #1

Wow… All the trailblazers are leaving us…

(Dick Vliek) #2

Ahh too sad, listened to the Misirlou sample yesterday by the black eyed peas.

(Craig Palmer) #3

Saw him about a half dozen times over the last 3 decades. He’s THE original surf guitarist and influenced a wide range of artists and bands from the Beach Boys to Hendrix, The Cure and Eddie Van Halen. Fender had to build him a custom guitar that would stand up to aggression of his playing style. He played so fast that he literally melted his picks. He’d go through about 20 or 30 a show and toss the half melted ones out to the audience. I still have one. RIP.


I listened to NPR this morning and not only did he go through guitars, but also amps. Leo Fender went to one of his concerts to figure out the problem, and this led to the creation of the Fender Showman amps, one of the great pre-Marshall amps. His music appears in the move Pulp Fiction.