RIP Eddie Van Halen

Sad news. Saw them many times.


Very sad news indeed. I too saw them a few times.

I took my daughter to see them twice in '83 and '84 IIRC. RIP Eddie.

65 is no age. RIP



2020 keeps sucking the big one
was just revisiting women and children first and fair warning earlier this week
i think we’ve all slipped into an alternative reality or something
this news sucks :frowning:

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EVH definitely one of the most influential rock players of all time. First time I saw Van Halen live was spring of 1980. Women and Children First had just been released, I’ll never forget it.
Godspeed Eddie :broken_heart:

This clip left me in awe of Eddie back in the day. He is rumoured to have a pallet load of his favourite 12ax7 NOS tubes in a warehouse somewhere.

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Listening to Fair Warning again. Love it. Great guitar on it. Very overlooked album.


This so reminds me of my mis-spent youth. Man, all my favorites are dying the last couple years.

Watching that concert above makes we with I had these back then:


I’ll miss him. By far the biggest guitar/musical influence during my youth.


I blame George R.R. Martin, they should never have got him to write the script. :disappointed:

Great artist. Gone but never forgotten. :sob: