RIP Jim Steinman

Although I don’t listen to much of his music now, his writings did have an impact on me about 35 years back. I reckon I know all the words to the complete Bat Out of Hell album. Also his solo effort of Bad For Good wasn’t too bad but this album did show he needed meatloafs voice.

Oh well - another one from my youth now gone.

Scares me to think who may be next…


Another great moves to rock,n,roll heaven, the great gig in the sky.
Rip Jim Steinman.

And conversely MeatLoaf most definitely needed Jim’s songwriting and arrangement skill set.
The majority of his albums sans Steinmans creative hand were sub par.

His contributions to Floodlands, the second The Sisters of Mercy album were also pretty epic. He had a “sound” for sure.


I still remember hearing when John Lennon was shot over the radio. I was 19.

It seems that a big part of life is watching your heroes fall.

Rest in Peace Jim.

Yes I also remember when John Lennon was shot. I was at the local swimming pool and it was announced over the radio on the PA. Being in my late teens at the time, and a music nut, the news hit me rather hard. Rather quiet push bike ride home.

I also remember when bob marley died - and I was teaching at uni when jerry Garcia died. I had to explain to my students who he was.

The last death that really impacted me was Leonard Cohen. That one felt personal. (And Tim Brooke-Taylor too as he was a key person in our living rooms when growing up).

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WOW! … now I’m feeling melancholy … I’m going to hit the vino a little early (here in Oz).

One day there’ll be nobody left … apart from Keith Richards and the cockroaches! :wink:

Think I’ll watch Concert for George tonight … that always makes me feel happy/sad.

I’ll just throw this out there …