RIP Maxi Jazz - Faithless

Dropping like flies this last fortnight.
Only 65


Just can’t believe it. Very sad. :cry:

Considering that people are supposed to be living longer it has not been the case the last week or so.

Very sad, R.I.P. It’s true that as we get older we need to focus on our own health as much as possible.
I used to dread the BUPA medicals that my company demanded I attend. In hindsight it’s a security blanket for your employer, but also an early warning sign for your own potential health issues.

Faithless lead singer Maxi Jazz dies aged 65

RIP Maxi Jazz

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How many can we lose in just one week, none of them old enough. RiP Maxi.

This has been a pretty dreadful year for losing people, all told. I can only hope 2023 isn’t so bad in that respect.

It’s even worse for those who died. At least, I assume it is. IDK.

RIP Maxi Jazz, so sad.

Been a difficult couple of weeks with some great stars gone. Let’s hope it’s a quieter rest of Christmas season. I will be popping some Faithless on next

Yes, in the last week or two we have lost so many great people.

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Unfortunately none of our “heroes” are getting any younger.
And for those who lived through the wild years of the seventies and eighties in rock.
Well party on dude was every night and eventually it’s taking its toll.
Sad but true.

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Oh no :cry:, this sucks. RIP Maxi Jazz.

Another year where the script was written by George R.R. Martin (probably why he can’t finish The Winds Of Winter :thinking:).

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It’s 2016 all over again. Now Maxi Jazz can prove that God is a DJ.

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In one of the enforced Exec Medical’s , it was picked up,that I had Prostrate Cancer.

15 years later, PSA running at < 0.01 I am still here and listening, not without a bit of a rocky road for 2 years, BUT just sayin’

Go do it :sunglasses:

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If God is a DJ, then he now has a killer MC in the house.

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And he won’t be suffering with insomnia no more! What a legend

IMHO, the best way to introduce others to, and to appreciate the brilliance and passion of Maxi Jazz is this song:

"Whether long range weapon
Or suicide bomb
Wicked mind is a weapon
Of mass destruction…