RIP Ross Hannaford

Hanna died yesterday, aged 65. He was the guitarist in Daddy Cool, the first Australian band to sell over 100,000 albums. I heard them when I was 10 and just getting into music on the radio. Here’s some clips from around 1971:

Hi Honey Ho

Come Back Again

Hanna was seduced by reggae but the blues was his first love:

Monkey on My Back

Rainy Night in Georgia

In the past few years he took up busking with Bob Willoughby (No Fixed Address). He said it was pretty good money and being a beggar in the gutter gave a good perspective on things:

The respect in which he was held was well illustrated when thieves stole a van full of his gear a few years ago. When the word got out that it was Hanno’s gear, they dropped it back to him, nothing taken.