RIP Tina Turner, Goddess

:cry: :pray:


Very sad news :sob:


The sadness these last few years just doesn’t seem to be ending. Very sad. :cry:

I went on a course years ago, the guy giving it worked as a performance coach with a lot of pop stars. He said he worked with The Stones and Tina Turner and that the Stones just turned up on stage and then had to build up as they went along. Tina would be great every time as she spent at least two hours getting herself into the groove before the gig so she was at her height as soon as she got onstage.


It will only get worse. We’re all getting older. On the other hand, I don’t get sad when someone lives a long, fruitful life. None of us will get out of here alive.

EDIT: Life is terminal.


A very true way of looking at things. I like it.

Also the music is left behind which continues to be great.

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Was only listening to Private Dancer at the weekend.
Sad news indeed!


We tend to forget…

Very Sad News.

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Another icon gone. Although it was not my favourite music I had enormous respect for her as an artist, her fighting skills and seemingly endless power. If one can be attributed with emancipation, than its certainty her.
I watched the 50 anniversay Concert in Holland 2009 on Blu-ray. Its plain impressive.
My favourite song thow is from Herbie Hancock’s Joni Letters (Edith and the Kingpin). She really could be “Jazzy” too.

" I ain’t never seen a hearse with a luggage rack."

One of my first concerts. Her energy was epic and has since become legend. A life well spent.

She was a unique talent,

Ike and Tina on the Tonight Show

Was never a fan, but no denying her talent. RiP Tina