Ripped my first SACD to DSF

Happy that I was succesful ripping a SACD to DSF today. I’ve tried this before a few years ago, but didn’t succeed at the time. Now I have to find the time to rip the rest of my SACDs. :wink:


Nice job Dennis👍
I keep looking at my small but growing collection of SACDs an wonder when I will start this process.

how did you do it

The short of it is only a hand full of BR players can do this and most are either no longer available or hard to find. I picked up a used Sony BDP-BX510 on ebay for this purpose.

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I used the software mentioned in this post (I own an Oppo):

I have searched ebay for that Sony BR player many times. Plenty available in the US but none in the UK almost ever

I got mine late last year. I know some of the Sony drives had different model names for different regions. Can’t remember if this was one of them.

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