Ripping audio from BluRay

I have a few Blu-ray’s I’d ike to rip the LPCM stereo stream from. What tools are people using these days to make short work of this?

I’ve used this for DVDs and per their website, they now support Blu ray…

I use a Samsung portable Blu-Ray writer (model SE-506), an old MacBook Pro and DVD Audio Extractor. I’ve been able to rip 2.0 and 5.1 pcm to Flac.

DVD audio extractor available here on trial.

Although the DVD AE site says it’s compatible with BDs, the caveat is it only works on BDs without encryption. All the BD discs I tried with DVD AE gave the error that the discs included encryption.

I had to use a program, MakeMKV, to decrypt the BD and create a backup file. Then I could point DVD AE to the backup file and extract the audio.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I ended up doing last night. I see it’s also limited to 24 bit - the stereo stream in the BD I ripped last night is 32/48, end result was 24/48. May try more manual process in due course just to see if I can rip the native stream.

I use MakeMKV and foobar2000. MakeMKV can be configured to rip the lossless audio tracks into flac format in the resulting mkv file.

I load the mkv file into foobar and create all the metadata.

I haven’t had any trouble with this procedure modifying the audio stream, but I don’t believe I’ve encountered a 32/48 track yet.

Well, the resulting 24/48 sound terrible, some of the instruments etc. are very muted so I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board around getting this done. I’ll try FLAC encode straight off makemkv to see if if preserves the 32/48 stream.

What BD is this? Per my knowledge, the BD spec does not support audio bit depth beyond 24 bit.


Santana IV

24-bit is the maximum supported: