Ripping audio from concert DVDs?

I’ve been ripping some old DVD-Audio discs (in 2 channel mode for Roon), and I dedcided to try ripping a DVD-Video disc of a concert. For run, I ripped an old Michael McDonald DVD called, “A Gathering of Friends”. There obviously isn’t any metadata available, but the 2 channel sound is really nice

Is anybody else doing this? Any hints?

(I’ve been using DVD-A Extractor for this)

Yes… a few years ago I ripped all my music DVD’'s.

Results are good. Mostly 48/24 flac.

If there is a live CD of the same then the meta usually works to copy over. No biggy to manually enter if not. I must have 20-30 of these.

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I did this as well with DVDAE. In half of the cases DVDAE provided metadata by clicking the metadata button.

Alternatively I rip all tracks and compare them in musicbrainz picard. Here you can easily choose a release and drag and drop the tracks so they will be renamed. Sometimes a release in roon or musicbrainz contains all tracks, that is why I rip all “instances”. Not sure if it is clear what mean by that, but when you see the DVD in DVDAE, you can choose several titles. I rip all of them.

The matchrate between musicbrainz and roon is pretty high (I use picard almost exclusively).

DVD AE for me. The sound can be very very good on some of these releases. The specs for DVD video audio have always been higher than standard CD.

Two day sago I asked the community about tips on ripping CDs and it was very helpful, so I wanted to know your suggestions on ripping lossless audio from DVDs.

There’s this other thread about this same topic, but it’s from 2016, so I wanted to check what you all think may be the best software available today.

Any thoughts?

Hi @Manu,

I’ve merged in your post to keep the discussion together.

DVD-A Extractor is well established and is still the way to go. With DVDs being quite stable there’s really no requirement for new application development.

Awesome. Thanks

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I’ve also used DVD AE with great results. :grinning:

I havent ripped any DVDs for a few years but i used DVD Decrypter and a particular extraction mode. Imo there are few Music DVDs with pcm content, most are Dolby Digital or DTS, ie MPEG compressed audio.

Has this changed?

This is one of the few that carries PCM audio

A few years? :sweat_smile: When I read DVD Decrypter, oh man those were the times, until LightningUK was stopped.

What I can remember DVD Decrypter did just that, decrypt, but it is more than 10 years ago that I used it.

DVD AE can also convert most codecs to PCM or FLAC.

You calling me old, you bugger? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ah well, you’re probably right, it was a very long time ago…
I’ll give DVD AE a try one of these days! :slight_smile:
But i stand by my notion that most DVDs carry compressed audio. What do you do with blurays then?

Nooo, I would not dare. Knowing DVD Decrypter doesn’t make me any younger either :blush:

DVDAE also works on BluRay. It only cannot decrypt. So you would first need to decrypt the DVD or BD. I think AnyDVD HD can do this on the fly.

Only negative about DVDAE is that it does not support DTS HD Master for a higher bitrate than 48khz.

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Just tried DVD Audio Extractor on a La Monte Young DVD that VLC (VideoLAN) failed at. DVDAE did great. Recommended

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