Ripping Bluray Audio discs

I’ve searched this here and thru Google and it appears that it might be possible to rip audio only Blu-ray Audio discs using a program like DVD Audio Extractor.
Problem is, my laptop that I’ve used to rip my CD’s (using JRiver MC) and some DVD’s and DVD-A’s (using DVD AE) does not have a BR drive. There are external BR drives that I can connect by usb to my laptop and try this, but before I buy the BR drive I’d like to know if this is possible. I only have 5 BR-A discs now, so this is not a high priority, but I do like to back up my music to digital files when possible.
Has anyone here ripped BR-Audio discs successfully using DVD AE ??
If so, does the BR first need to be ripped to MakeMKV first, or do I only need DV Extractor?

If your BluRay disc is encrypted (like almost everyone is) you will need a decryption program. MakeMKV and AnyDVD are two choices. Once decrypted, DVDAE can create the streaming file. There are a number of different file choices from DVDAE.

Yep. It can be done. In fact, I ripped one tonight!

I used makeMKV to decrypt and backup the entire disc onto my hard-drive, then used DVD Audio Extractor to extract the audio tracks to 24/96 5.1 and 2.0 Flacs.

I’ve done 7 albums now.

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Thanks guys.
I guess the only concern I have is using an ‘add-on’ external bluray drive. Think I’ll give it a try.

I can confirm it works with an external USB drive using a combination of MakeMKV and DVD AE. This is the external drive I am using (although there’s probably a newer model by now): Pioneer BDR-XD05

Buy from Amazon then send it back if it don’t work.

@nate_c and @Ludwig,
I ordered it from Amazon. Thanks for the link and the help.

I’ve used the Pioneer mentioned here with my Mac and the aforementioned software to rip FLACs of Blu-rays. Most recently the excellent async live in NYC performance by Ryuichi Sakamoto. :blush:

Just wanted to give an update- I was able to use makeMKV (and ANYDVD) and then DVD Audio Extractor to make files from my Blu-Ray Audio discs. They loaded into Roon and play fine.
The only disc I had a problem with was Bob Marley- Legend. MakeMKV wasn’t able to remove the encryption. I was able to use ANYDVD successfully for it though. FWIW, ANYDVD worked much quicker. It just strips off the encryption- no need to download first.
Thanks for the help guys.

Glad you had success. I also prefer AnyDVD for decryption it is super simple and works in conjunction with DVD AE seamlessly.

I also wanted to give some instructions on how to do this for anyone else that wants to do this (or for me in the future when I forget the procedure).

*You will need a Blu-ray drive if your computer doesn’t have one. External drives work fine.
1-Download makeMKV or ANYDVD, and DVD Audio Extractor. There a free trials available for all of these.
2-Load Blu-ray Audio disc into the drive.
3a- Open makeMKV and choose the correct drive, At the top (under file/view/help) select “Backup” - Make sure the de-ncrypt box is checked. It will make a de-encrypted file and save it to C/video/backup. This will take some time.
4a- Open DVD AE and choose “DVD Source: Folder - Open DVD file from file folder”. Go to the saved file and select it.
OR (and this is much easier and quicker)
3b- Open ANYDVD and choose the disc drive the BR is loaded in. It will remove encryption in a minute. Open DVD AE and choose the drive the blu-ray is in.
5- In the bottom left hand corner of DVD AE you will see the different choices- 2CH vs 6CH , DTS vs. DTS, and the bitrate. Choose the version you want to make a file of. You can only choose one at a time. If you want to make both stereo and multi-channel file you will need to do it once for each file. It will send the files as ‘Title X- Chapter X’ into C/users/your user/music with the same number of files as songs on the album.
Create a new file and name it whatever you want ie- Crime of the Century BR 2CH (or M-CH or whatever you want) and move the files to the new folder.
6- Load the file to the folder that ROON uses to access your music files.


Hi guys,

I wonder if the following external can do the job too?

Many thanks!

It most likely will. I use a Pioneer BDR-XD07TS 6x Slim Portable USB 3.0 BD/DVD/CD Burner with my iMac, and it works perfectly.

Note that BDInfo ( can be helpful in finding out what all is actually on the disc

@zappyroon and @WillK, thank you so much!

I’ve been attempting to rip audio from a concert bluray I own. I’ve made a decrypted backup to my hard drive, but am having a trouble finding the folder to rip the audio from.

Can anyone advise if there is standard folder or a file type I should be looking for?



Hi all,

Rather than buying an external Blu Ray drive (Sony UBP-X800) is there a way to connect my regular Blu-Ray player to my laptop and use that?

Thank you