Ripping Bluray Audio discs

I’ve searched this here and thru Google and it appears that it might be possible to rip audio only Blu-ray Audio discs using a program like DVD Audio Extractor.
Problem is, my laptop that I’ve used to rip my CD’s (using JRiver MC) and some DVD’s and DVD-A’s (using DVD AE) does not have a BR drive. There are external BR drives that I can connect by usb to my laptop and try this, but before I buy the BR drive I’d like to know if this is possible. I only have 5 BR-A discs now, so this is not a high priority, but I do like to back up my music to digital files when possible.
Has anyone here ripped BR-Audio discs successfully using DVD AE ??
If so, does the BR first need to be ripped to MakeMKV first, or do I only need DV Extractor?

If your BluRay disc is encrypted (like almost everyone is) you will need a decryption program. MakeMKV and AnyDVD are two choices. Once decrypted, DVDAE can create the streaming file. There are a number of different file choices from DVDAE.

Yep. It can be done. In fact, I ripped one tonight!

I used makeMKV to decrypt and backup the entire disc onto my hard-drive, then used DVD Audio Extractor to extract the audio tracks to 24/96 5.1 and 2.0 Flacs.

I’ve done 7 albums now.

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Thanks guys.
I guess the only concern I have is using an ‘add-on’ external bluray drive. Think I’ll give it a try.

I can confirm it works with an external USB drive using a combination of MakeMKV and DVD AE. This is the external drive I am using (although there’s probably a newer model by now): Pioneer BDR-XD05

Buy from Amazon then send it back if it don’t work.

@nate_c and @Ludwig,
I ordered it from Amazon. Thanks for the link and the help.

I’ve used the Pioneer mentioned here with my Mac and the aforementioned software to rip FLACs of Blu-rays. Most recently the excellent async live in NYC performance by Ryuichi Sakamoto. :blush:

Just wanted to give an update- I was able to use makeMKV (and ANYDVD) and then DVD Audio Extractor to make files from my Blu-Ray Audio discs. They loaded into Roon and play fine.
The only disc I had a problem with was Bob Marley- Legend. MakeMKV wasn’t able to remove the encryption. I was able to use ANYDVD successfully for it though. FWIW, ANYDVD worked much quicker. It just strips off the encryption- no need to download first.
Thanks for the help guys.

Glad you had success. I also prefer AnyDVD for decryption it is super simple and works in conjunction with DVD AE seamlessly.

I also wanted to give some instructions on how to do this for anyone else that wants to do this (or for me in the future when I forget the procedure).

*You will need a Blu-ray drive if your computer doesn’t have one. External drives work fine.
1-Download makeMKV or ANYDVD, and DVD Audio Extractor. There a free trials available for all of these.
2-Load Blu-ray Audio disc into the drive.
3a- Open makeMKV and choose the correct drive, At the top (under file/view/help) select “Backup” - Make sure the de-ncrypt box is checked. It will make a de-encrypted file and save it to C/video/backup. This will take some time.
4a- Open DVD AE and choose “DVD Source: Folder - Open DVD file from file folder”. Go to the saved file and select it.
OR (and this is much easier and quicker)
3b- Open ANYDVD and choose the disc drive the BR is loaded in. It will remove encryption in a minute. Open DVD AE and choose the drive the blu-ray is in.
5- In the bottom left hand corner of DVD AE you will see the different choices- 2CH vs 6CH , DTS vs. DTS, and the bitrate. Choose the version you want to make a file of. You can only choose one at a time. If you want to make both stereo and multi-channel file you will need to do it once for each file. It will send the files as ‘Title X- Chapter X’ into C/users/your user/music with the same number of files as songs on the album.
Create a new file and name it whatever you want ie- Crime of the Century BR 2CH (or M-CH or whatever you want) and move the files to the new folder.
6- Load the file to the folder that ROON uses to access your music files.


Hi guys,

I wonder if the following external can do the job too?

Many thanks!

It most likely will. I use a Pioneer BDR-XD07TS 6x Slim Portable USB 3.0 BD/DVD/CD Burner with my iMac, and it works perfectly.

Note that BDInfo ( can be helpful in finding out what all is actually on the disc

@zappyroon and @WillK, thank you so much!

I’ve been attempting to rip audio from a concert bluray I own. I’ve made a decrypted backup to my hard drive, but am having a trouble finding the folder to rip the audio from.

Can anyone advise if there is standard folder or a file type I should be looking for?



Hi all,

Rather than buying an external Blu Ray drive (Sony UBP-X800) is there a way to connect my regular Blu-Ray player to my laptop and use that?

Thank you

I wrote a tiny shell script that uses ffmpeg to split a media file (.mkv file for instance) into several flac files, one per chapter.
You can select which audio stream will be converted in case there is more than one (stereo, AC3, DTS, Atmos…).