Ripping CDs with Sonic Transponder i5 CDR

I am running Roon in my iMac but recently ordered the Sonic Transponder i5 CDR. I am planning to rip again all my CD collection (about 1,500) so it is going to take time.
While I am ripping my collection I would like to keep using Roon in my iMac until I ma ready to switch to the ST i5 CDR.
My question is if the ST i5 CDR requires to have Roon active when ripping the CDs or as long it is connected to the the network it will be able to get the the metadata for the CDs?


The ST will be completely independent of Roon until you activate Roon core on it. ST will be set to its own system as a default.

Why are you re-ripping?

I am r-ripping because I found some bad data in the metadata I have now and also when I ripped originally I did not rip the whole CD to save space. Now I will have a 10TB internal drive so I am thinking on ripping the whole CD on everything.

So, the ST internet access to get the metadata when ripping is independent from Roon?

Yes the sonicTransporter get’s it’s metadata from the internet and stores it in ID3 tags in the FLAC files.