Ripping Vinyl to Flac - with meta data

Anyone got any tips for ripping Vinyl into Roon ?

My Current process is laborious, and I’m thinking there must be a better way.

  • I record the entire vinyl into a single file using Adobe Audition.
  • I manually split the file into tracks
  • I’m experimenting with the ACRcloud API, sending 10 second song snippets to get the track info, with varying success. If that doesn’t work I’m use Shazam.
  • writing the song meta data to file.

Before I write code to automate this, anyone got any tips on software that does this automagically?

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Hi John

A strong recommendation for Vinyl Studio Pro from me. It is Mac and Window and works equally well on both platforms (as I have used it on both). Several members from these forums put me onto it a few years ago and I ripped about 200 albums using it and still rip new ones as well.

It’s integration with Discogs is great and it took away about 90% of the effort it previously took me to rip an album.


Unbelievable! Thanks very much.
So simple and easy to understand.


Yes after spending ages with manual and sub optimal tools I was shocked how easy it could be :grin:

Glad it ticks the boxes for you as well :+1: