Rock 1.8 causes crashes

Download at NUC 7i5 doesńt geht complete. Since version 1.8 is already on the iPad Nottingham works. Can somebody help?

Same here, iPad crashes when selecting « settings » Reinstalling app didn’t solve the issue.

Same here: My iPad mini 4 and my iPhone 11 crashes when i go to “settings” and then to “display” or “about”. I need a solution to solve this problem! Reinstallation does not help.

  1. Crashes systematically on composition view - Classical, when one selects a Period and presses Play. Happens on both Windows app and iPad (pro) OS.

  2. When trying to play from Composer view, with a focus on a given Period, I get the following error message: “Tracks played are unavailable”.

To sum up, Compositions view crashes, Composers view won’t even start playing. Album view is OK!!

What a magnificent update.

Roon remote on iOS crashing frequently. Just regular track selection. Not trying to get to settings. Quickly reloads and i carry on. Roon on ipad stable and core stable

Change language iPad to English, that seems to work. In the meanwhile we need to wait for a fix from Roon to put the iPad back again to the desired language

The same here… Roon Remote crashes on IOS(ipad 9 2020). When selecting tracks it crashes, and it crashes when app is restartet. I just see some “not available” in the side, and then it dies. The only way getting it up again is to uninstall/install the app. But when you select something the same ■■■■ happens.
Is there a way to downgrade to 1.7, because this upgrade has not been testet ok.

For the record. Roon 1.8 works fine on my old Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. But not there I wan’t to control Roon from.

Hi everyone,

We’ve recently released an update that we believe will help with settings-related crashes. Please give this update a try and let us know if things are back to normal.

Thanks for your patience as we’ve worked to get this fixed and if yo are still having issues after the update, please just let us know in a new thread!

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