ROCK 1.8 No Internal Storage Found Issue

I recently upgraded my nuc7i3bnk to a 2tb 2280 m2 to install all my downloaded music into the internal disk. I went to reinstall the OS and the codec and its missing the internal storage when I connect to the Nuc’s IP via the chrome and when I load Roon on my pc to connect and play music it cannot find a internal drive. I cant even reinstall the database.

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Is your SMB share enabled to allow you to see it from the Windows PC?

I can map the internal drive as a network drive but I’m just wondering if I wasted 200$ on a new m2 where I can only install the roon system on it and I need another drive to put the music on. Like if I need a nuc tall chassis where I can install a 2.5 inch and a m2.

You mean that’s the ONLY internal drive?
Then yes unfortunately as Roon OS needs to live on one internal drive and then your music library would go either on another internal drive ( if room) or an external USB drive .

As @TheHammer says, you can’t use the OS drive for music storage. As your NUC has a ‘k’ suffix I’m assuming you can’t fit a SATA drive in it as well as an M.2 drive, so your only option is an external one, or a move to an ‘h’ NUC.


Buy and external M.2 USB carrier and put the 2TB drive in that…puty back the old SSD you used for ROCK 64GB is more than enough 128GB is more than it needs but might be about the smallest available in the mainstream market

Another alternative if you have to have both Roon and music on the same drive: Run Roon on Windows instead of ROCK.

issue was solved. Sold my NUC and bought the tall chassis version to add 2 drives. one for the operating system and the other for internal music storage. thanks for everyone’s help.