ROCK Accessing NAS Often [Expected Behavior]

In response to @Graeme NAS being slow???
My NetGear router has an SFP+ port on it and my QNAP NAS has a 10GBe PCI board plugged into it.
I have NEVER had a problem when playing my music. This is the way to go! F-A-S-T

Hi Tim, didn’t realise your NAS had 10GbE. Maybe a dumb question, but did you consider running the core on your NAS rather than on a ROCK? There’s no way I’d downgrade to a ROCK/Nucleus from my current NAS setup.

Hello @TKelley,

Thank you for your patience here while we consulted further with the team on this. Based on the advanced diagnostics, it appears that Roon is checking for the drive availability and this is the reason why you notice the activity occurring on your NAS.

At the present time, this is expected behavior and as per Mike’s comment in the linked thread and any change in this functionality would fall under a feature request and would require considerable design changes:

Regarding Mike’s second part of the post (and the issue that @Michael-W is encountering) of accessing the NAS when the storage location is disabled, this is not expected behavior, and we are investigating this in a separate thread.

I wish I had better news for you here, but due to the way that Roon storage currently works, it is expected that Roon will check to see if the NAS is still available as a storage location, and this may prevent the NAS from entering power-saving mode.


Is @Michael-W issue related to my issue at all? sounds like the same issue to me.

I have to say, this strikes me as an odd thing to say.

Right now the Core is scanning removable storage (local or remote) periodically to see if it’s been removed, right? It does this every 5 seconds. But there must be some provision for handling exceptions when playback of music on an ejected volume is commanded between those 5-second checks, right? So lengthening the interval between checks, or turning them off entirely, and relying on the exception handling, can’t possibly be a big change. Add a binary toggle to each storage location, let the user turn checks on or off, and be done with it. Whatever you’ve got in there to handle the exceptions will catch any problems.

I find it difficult to imagine a software architecture which would make this a big deal. Though it’s clearly a feature request, not a support issue.


Completely agree Bill. Very disappointing response from Roon :frowning_face:

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