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Marantz NA11-S1 via USB

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I’m considering to use Intel NUC with ROCK OS to feed my Marantz NA11-S1 via USB to play my library (DSD DSF files, 192/24 - 44,1/16 FLAC files) and Tidal MQA (up to 96/24 files).

Will it work correctly having in mind that NA11-S1 is not listed among Roon tested DAC’s?

Currently I can play everything without issues on Windows10 with Marantz Asio driver installed.

Thank you in advance.

There is a free trial for Roon, best way is to try it on your NUC. Should you have problems there is a wealth of information & helpful users in the community who will help out.

Thank you for your answer. If I already had a NUC I would definitely go this way.

However I have to buy a NUC first, and if something goes wrong I doubt if community would help me because ROCK is a propriety OS of Roon, and I guess that only Roon may change the kernel.

If I had found an answer via google I wouldn’t post here.

Something to consider: As you wrote, it’s not Roon tested. So it’s very unlikely to get a resilient response from Official Roon support.

As Marantz claims that this device supports USB Audio Class 2, you should be able to hear sound – at least when you use PCM. I couldn’t see DSD over PCM (DoP) support mentioned for this device though. You should ask Marantz about this if you don’t want to take the risk and try it out for yourself. If it works you should be able to get DSD64 (DoP), limited by the 192kHz PCM support of that device. If you need more than that you may have to stick with an installation (endpoint) that supports the ASIO drivers for your device.

Update: I just found this older thread. Seems like you can get DSD128.

Why not load Room in the Windows machine? It is already setup and working with the Marantz right?

Thank you for your findings. Yes, I remmember that some time ago I found this thread about NA11 and Nucleus, but didn’t pay attention. Now I see that Nucleus is the same NUC with some kinds or 100% ROCK OS.

Your thoughts are the same which I came to as well. I may run W10 machine, however I wish to have a small server (like Nucleus, just cheaper a little bit) without any screen and without constant need to install updates etc. :slight_smile:

For now I run Tidal on my Oppo 103 to feed NA11 via coaxial, however in this case Tidal is limited to 44.1 bandwich, no matter that Oppo succesfuly transfers up to PCM 192/24 from my local library.

As I tested on my main W10 machine Roon feeds NA11 with everything up to 192/24 PCM and 64 DSD (don’t remmember if I managed to get 128 DSD from Roon, which I did from JRiver).

It seems that I need to find some PC, load it with ROCK and then test with NA11. Thank you for your replies.

You know, I do research, I think about it, however in the end I still ask a question to get approvals for my findings and expect some official support. Thank you.

You can get support for Roon of course, but you can’t expect official statements about compatibility for devices that are neither Roon Ready nor Roon Tested. As Nucleus(+) and ROCK are both Linux based, you have to ask the device manufacturer, Marantz in your case, about Linux compatibility if you want/need some official statement.

As for general “Does it work?” questions: Sound United Brings Roon Tested Compatibility to 68 Denon and Marantz Products – and for most of them just because they support AirPlay.

I would Get a NUC and load windows and the Marantz drivers.

You should contact Marantz and see if DSD over dop is supported. You might not get the same functionality with Linux

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Could you please indicate the main issues (if such exist) running NUC with W10 without monitor and daily updates? Would you leave it always on, or turn on/off upon listening time?

I’m asking to hear your personal opinion, anyway I’ll google tomorrow further on. Thank you.

Btw, NA11 supports DoP in both OS and Win, but haven’t heard about linux yet.

I would Load a remote viewer like Teamspeak to control a PC without a monitor. You need to login to start RoonServer. I leave RoonCores run 24/7, whether they are windows or rock.

Dear All, I mannaged to find old HP desktop. ROCK sat on this desktop without issues and started running right away.

Marantz NA11-S1 connected via USB using protocol ALSA. It happily plays everything from my library up to 192/24 PCM and 64 DSD. And up to 96 MQA from Tidal.

DSD may be played used either Native or DoP in Settings (audio path photos attached).

Thank you for your input.

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