ROCK and Mp3 file 160 kbps

Rock canot Play All Mp3 files in 160 kbps from my Library.
Of course my previous Roon server installation on Windows 10 has never encountered this problem.
ROCK indicate « corrupt file » for near 2 thousond files all mp3 160 kbps.

FFmpeg support Mp3 160 kbps ?
It’s possible to add another codec in ROCK ?
i don’t know Linux for work around this problem.

I know the best way i convert my CD Audio in real quality file like FLAC but this is a lot of work And durinng all this time i can’t listen to my music.

PS : English is not my first language but I work on it.

Anything special with those files?

I just downconverted an album to MP3 160kpbs – it plays without problems on my ROCK:

Can you share one of the troubled files?

Can you tell us what you did about installing codecs into ROCK?

I just folow the instruction guide and put ffmpeg file into codecs folder of ROCK

yes of course, your private mail ?

Sent you a PM!

Roon shows corrupt here as well – both with ROCK and with my Debian Roon Server.

The file appears to be a low-quality VBR MP3 @ ~165kbps, that plays well in Finder / iTunes.

Let’s flag @support here to assist you – I will share the file with them.

Hi @Soul_Man ---- I wanted to touch base with you to confirm that I’ve seen your PM and have grabbed the media from Rene (@RBM :thumbsup:).

We are going to perform some tests with the content and once I have some feedback from our tech team I will be sure to update the thread. Your patience is very appreciated!


Thanks for your reply. Listen to Music is the best way to wait. :wink: