I am trying to play from intel x11 motherboard + RME HDSPe AES PCIexpress CARD by AES/EBU output under ROON Rock system.

Anybody suceed playing RME card under Rock or other Linux system ?

What drivers or version of firmware of RME card can help ?

ROCK includes the drivers for the things it’s supposed to work with. Other hardware may or may not work (depending if modules are by chance in the Linux kernel that ROCK uses).

There is no way to load additional modules in ROCK, so if you need this, install Linux/Windows on the NUC

I am using Rock on diffrent hardware then NUC ( supermicro X11 )
and it works great by e.g USB output on PCIe JCAT USB XE Card - but Rock detects JCAT on start
RME card doesn’t

under windows it works - but windows it’s not the same as Rock :slight_smile:

I need advice someone who suceeded playing RME card under Linux - or better the ROCK itself

JCAT will be using a generic driver no doubt that’s included in the Rocks kernel but the RME as it’s not a standard interface card and will most likely require a driver as it does for windows and Mac. There isn’t one available from RME then your out of luck unless someone has compiled one, but now many use Linux for DAWs?

ROCK will not work because you cannot load drivers. If that card can work with default Linux drivers then you might have a chance, but, it sounds like it doesn’t.

Your best bet is to contact RME tech support and see if that card has drivers for Linux and then run Ubuntu. If not, Windows.

If you are having trouble with Rock seeing a JCAT XE card then you may need to load new JCAT firmware. It requires access to a Windows PCIe slot.

Note the card was visible prior to the December 2022 Rock update.

Download the firmware update from

Use the folloiwng instructions to update the card
(ASM3142 Firmware Upgrade Operation Steps for Redcomets PCIe Cards – Inateck Official)