ROCK - Can You Use Wd Duo Mybook With Rock,Also Daisychain Them?


I’ve just bought a NUC for ROCK and also a WD My Book Duo for storage, I’m planing to daisychain a couple of WD Duos together.

Is there anybody with a similar setup or used a the Duo with a NUC and ROCK is it ok or are there any issues going this route?

That attached storage device relies upon control software installed at the computer level to do management etc; however, you will not be able to install this software on the ROCK machine. That being said, since it is formatted at the factory, you should be able to just plug it in and have it function like any other external USB hard drive.

hi thank you for your reply,i bought the duo second hand at a cheap price it only has 2 x 1tb drives which show up on my windows pc so hopefully i can plug the wd duo in the nuc rock and they will show up if it does work i will put bigger drives in the duo and use the small drives for something else not much money lost if it doesnt work,should have my nuc up and running in a couple of weeks.


i formamated the wd duo for jbod using the wd software i downloaded to my pc as the original owner used on a mac pc and it didnt show up on my windows pc,now the wd shows up as 2 seperate harddrives which i wanted,my problem now is i took 1 of the drives out of the wd duo[as im going to put bigger drives in as its only got 2x1tb at the moment]
i put one of the drives in a docking station and it does show on my pc which i thought it would,i can see it in computer management as not intialized unknown disc and unalcated.
if i intalize on pc i dont think it will work in the wd duo enclosure.
i not sure if the duo will work on the nuc rock now,ive not bought the bigger drives at the moment i can always use the wd duo for something else,anybody had success with the wd duo and rock…

just a update for anyone wd mybook duo works with rock.