ROCK capable ? Our Mis-reading spec?


I’m going to take the plunge and migrate to a ROCk install.
I’ve been looking around and there seem some great deals on NUC’s that I think are good enough …

I have almost not library as happy to stream from Tidal and Qobuz, I run a Lyngdorf TDAI3400 so have no need for DSP.

Can anyone share their wisdom and advice if it seems too cheap because it is for what I need?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Mikey I just had a look at the specification as it’s not an Intel NUC, but it says it it is a partner build.

As long as it compatible it should work a dream.
I have the same range of device with i5 and 256GB drive. Work’s a dream running 6 or 7 zones. You can happily get away with 128GB and 4GB, though might be worth going 8GB for future growth

Good luck, though I would recommend updating all the bios and firmware in Windows before you install ROCK



Size of the library if it’s local or streaming matters to Roon they are all in the same database. So if you have 20000 tracks in Tidal or Qobuz or 20000 local it’s the same demands except you don’t get the nice waveform analysis for streaming services.

It’s a little old being a gen4 and not on the supported range but will likely work ok. I ran ROCK on a gen4 non NUC for some time and it was perfectly fine. As I added more zones though it got a little slower so I upgraded to a gen7 and it’s perfect for me.

Thanks for the replies, I think I might be better getting the as recommended by Roon spec, don’t want the hassle of it not working then trying to send it back or getting stuck with it, also for a few extra quid at least it will work much longer and offer more zone support

Thanks again.

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It’s a 2013 processor… so yeap, you’ll likely find a better deal elsewhere.

Rule of the thumb for NUC buyers: try to look for something that says NUC7, NUC8, or NUC10.

Processor-wise, you want something that starts with at least a 7 after the family (so i3-7xxxx, i5-7xxxx, etc).

Thanks for the info !

no prob !

Oh, yeah: the lower-spec NUCs will work just fine as long as they’re supported (so NUC5i3xxx and up), the reason I suggested 7th gen and up is that the older ones are generally not as good a buy 2nd hand.

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