ROCK - CD Ripper - Ripping Track 1

I have built a ROCK PC using i5 8600, ASUS mobo, internal 6TB SATA HDD, and internal SATA CD drive.

Everything seems to working as expected but I cannot get the ROCK CD ripper to work. The CD drive is recognized. CD Ripper in the web interface shows …

RIPPING, 11 track CD: Ripping Track 1.

But nothing happens although the eject button works.

I cannot find a CD-Rip directory. If I need to create it where should it be located?
I open the network ROCK on a PC and see the Data directory.

I spoke too soon… The ripping was very quiet and I had to periodically refresh the web page to track the progress. A CD-Rips folder appeared in my internal storage music directory once the ripping was complete. It took about 20 minutes. There was no meta data - just track 01 etc …

Roon doesn’t add metadata to the tracks during the ripping process, and in fact will never modify any imported music files. If it identifies the album, the metadata is added into Roon’s database.

This sounds exciting and whoever builds this has acquired a lot of computer knowledge.

The question now is in which format the CD was ripped. With WAV it doesn’t work so well with the metadata yet.

Audiophiles with powerful audio components like to take FLAC in the best quality level. OGG is the alternative for cell phone users. Here, the formats that Apple and Microsoft used are probably slowly disappearing. Even MP3 is no longer the best low level choice. Opus not yet so widely used. Open formats will help with system changes later.

The advantage of Rock should probably be that the core is not distracted by other applications. But when other players, taggers and music programs come into focus, one can consider to use a more extensive Linux distribution (Manjaro in my case) with Wine-GUI on the Linux server. So all other needed programs (see illustration) are immediately in the beginner’s area in the access.

I suppose your knowledge is already greater and you will be able to make it work even with the terminal or a WEB-GUI.

Does Roon work with audio analysis alone, even completely without metadata?

Technically it should be possible with MusicBrainz and competitor products.

ROCK ripping the CD, it always rips to FLAC there is no choice.
ROCK does not add any metadata to the file, as that is managed in the Roon DB.

Personally this is why I choose to rip my CDs dBPowerAmp (not ROCK / RoonOS) and then once ripped and validated move the files over to the Roon Watched Folder.


Thanks for your information

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