ROCK Configuration - Cirrus7 Nimbini v3

My apologies, I didn’t read your title properly. The Cirrus website does say it should be mounted vertically for best cooling but as @Suedkiez says he runs his horizontally. My system is in a standard Intel case.

The unit I have is a NUC10i7FNH. You would be better checking this out directly with Cirrus or Roon Staff prior to purchase.

I can’t use a measuring tape properly and when the unit arrived I realized I don’t have enough space to put it up vertically :joy: But as I underutilize it, I figured I should be OK, and so far have been. If really taxed, it would probably be good to use the approved orientation.

I agree, best checked with Cirrus, also regarding the model. They are aware of Rock.


@support - Will Intel® NUC Comet Lake i7-10710U work with ROCK?

The processor in the supported device (10i7FN*) is a i7-10710U. That in itself doesn’t guarantee it will work though. More important is can UEFI boot be turned off and is anyone else running this setup with ROCK. If the answer to both is yes then you should be OK.

Hi Henry, I have the NUC10i7FNH. UEFI can be turned off in this unit and Rock can be installed.

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@Scotav - Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

What about HD Audio support? Does it work?

That is a question for Cirrus. They should know exactly what chipset is on the board they use if it isn’t in the published spec.

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Is any body using the HDMI for multichannel?

Also using a Cirrus for Rock for the last 6 months with excellent results. They are very responsive on email, and will also install Rock before shipping (at no extra charge).

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Can you choose 970 Evo instead?

@wklie - I think so - would that be better? This one “970 EVO Plus NVMe™ M.2 SSD - 500 GB”?

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@wklie - I will do that. But first I need to make sure that HDMI output will show up with Intel NUC Comet Lake i7-10710U.


Ask them whether their board hardware supports a headphone jack via Intel HD Audio - the non-N suffix model NUC10i7FNH.

It’s very likely, however, they are using the N model suffix version NUC10i7FNHN, because I guess the non-N was discontinued a long time ago.

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I believe they stopped doing that because Roon’s license for Rock does not actually allow it


The dimensions are 15,7 x 15,7 x 12,2 cm and the Cirrus7 Nimbini v3 has to stand upright for better heat dissipation.

Your absolutely right - great customer service.

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This is the BIOS information on my NUC & the Intel Audio Devices in Roon. I can’t confirm that any of the HDA Intel PCH HDMI devices work only that they are listed as Audio Devices. You should definitely confirm this with the supplier! There isn’t a HDMI Surround as shown in your image.

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@Scotav - THX :slight_smile: VERY NICE OF YOU :slight_smile:

I did change HDMI0 to “HDMI Surround” to know the settings

No problem.

In fact, HDMI doesn’t work for multichannel.

After a little research, it turned out that this applies to all 10th generation NUCs. It will only work on an outdated NUC8.