ROCK connection to QNAP NAS

The nuc needs internet access, so, use a switch. The music files, imho, should be local to the core.and a copy kept on the NAS. So, I use a USB HD.comnected to the NUC, with a copy on the NAS

Hello Rugby, Thanks for your quick response.
My music files contain a total of > 4TB. So to connect a USB disk to the NUC requires another investment for a USB storage device.
I understand from the manual that a connection to the NAS is a good option.
By the way, my NAS is backed up, but spread over multiple Backup storage devices.
Do you have bad experience with the NUC using the NAS library?

There’s no problem to keep your primary source music files on a NAS - works just great. Only downside is new additions are not available until the next scheduled rescan or forced rescan, but I’m not adding huge amounts of new stuff. It has been a good option for me, and everything is backed up to external HDDs hanging off the NAS (Synology in my case).

Hi Rockhound
Thank you for this experience. I do regularly add music or throw it away again, so that is a disappointment for me.
Do you know if the automatic update work if you connect a NAS or HDD via USB?

As far as I know, it only works if the HDD is connected directly to the computer running the Roon core by USB.

When I first began using Roon my files were stored on my NAS, both Roon Core and NAS connected to the same switch. I found it annoying forcing re-scan when files were added, I rip 10-20 discs a week, so I bought an inexpensive USB WD passport 4GB and connected that directly to the Core. Now Roon updates instantly. A bit more cost but pocket change in the scheme of things.

OK thank you, then I have to find something on that.
Another question then. Can you set up automatic rescans somewhere? For example, every night?

Thank you so much.
Well, if that’s the solution then we’ll go back to the mediastore :slight_smile:

Does that also work with multiple USB drives connected tot teh NUC?

Yes, in Settings > Storage, edit the folder your music is stored in - various options between 1 hour and 24 hours.


OK, I think this option isn’t there until it’s actually connected like that.
My new NUC will arrive tomorrow, so I’m doing some preliminary work. :nerd_face:
Now I have everything (both Roon server and the music files) on my QNAP NAS. Then this option is not visible. Thank you very much for your answers. I’m going to work on it.
Can’t wait for my new NUC to arrive! :sunglasses:

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Hope it all goes smoothly.

May I ask why you decided to go for Roon Rock? Was there a problem with QNAP running the core?

I did the same step after many years of strugglinh with Roon Core @ NAS (QNAP TVS 671 i5 with 16 GByte), please refer to Roon stopping randomly

Since then running Rock also on a NUC10I7FNH, NAS connected via SMB

Unfortunately I still have issues: Roon on NUC10i7 with Rock (227) crashes immediately when playing any track

Hello Patouskii
I notice that Roon is fairly slow on my QNAP NAS. I hope that with the ROCK configuration this will improve significantly. At least that’s what the reviews promise.

Ok, I think my QNAP has slightly faster cpu than yours. After the recent updates to Roon, the core has worked very quickly on QNAP so I see no need for Rock at this point. But I have considered it also in the past. Please report if you hear any improvements in sound quality after the update, though I think there should be none.

Hello fschmeis,
Thank you for sharing your experiences.
I hope (for me) that it has something to do with a local configuration issue in your configuration. :flushed:
Earlier I had something simular with Bluesound.
It turned out that it was a corrupt music file.

Anyway, I will prepare myself for a few evenings without music, but a lot of research…

I just did what you are planning, I bit the bullet and put in a 4Tb SSD ,bit pricey but it’s now self contained.

If your library is 4Tb , watch your RAM , I put in 32 gb , bit OTT maybe but RAM is relatively cheap.

I had my core on a desktop with 4 x HDD bit like a NAS (for video too) I have now made the ROCK SSD the master and I back up to the old desktop as well as 2x USB HDD. So any additions get recognised immediately.

The whole thing is lightening fast , glad I speced as I did.

Good luck

Thank you Mike,
I guess I know what my next online order is gonna be. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I used each of my two - powerful- Qnaps as core from time to time (also Windows 10 and OSX). For the last year I am using an Intel NUC10I7FNH, testing all configurations and locations of music. My experience is that there is no noticeable difference. The real issue is that no matter the configuration, there are ALWAYS those annoying random delays between pressing the ‘play’ button and actually starting to hear a song, no matter if the music is local or networked, SSD or mechanical disc. For me, this is the major bug in Roon. With latest versions it has improved, but still is irritating and prevents from having a nice and sweet listening experience.