ROCK CPU High after restored backup?


I have recently installed ROCK on ESXi virtualization server, and restored my back up after installation. However, the CPU rate for ROCK VM constantly at 60% after that even I am not playing music. Have anyone has encounted similiar issue? any suggestion how to solve this problem?

Hi Xiaoqiang,

I have moved your post to the Tinkering thread where someone who can help might see it, since you are not running ROCK in a supported environment.

Sorry for posting in wrong channel, thanks for your helping on moving it.

has it finished importing and analyzing the music?

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It has been couple days, it should have finished analyzing the music.

Well, that can be dependent on how much media you have and the ESXi server setup. I have not set one up but I think a friend has and had issues with I/O bottlenecking. @ipeverywhere


I run ROCK as VM on top of Proxmox. I had a severe I/O bottle neck which caused high CPU and VMs locking waiting on interrupts. This had nothing to do with Roon. Was ugly. Was my own doing :slight_smile:

I run my hypervisor using ZFS as the base filesystem and I didn’t really plan this correctly. ZFS is a beast of a filesystem and I just didn’t do my homework. I’ve since tuned the file system to get it to calm down but a lot of that was some trial / error. I should note that I’m using HDDs only. Again, bunch of self-inflicted wounds here.

After the file system tuning I don’t have any interrupt delays or other issues within the hypervisor. ROCK performs and shows stats just as I’d expect for bare metal.

So… have you looked through the ESXi stats looking for anything that might be suspect?

How many CPU cores and how much memory did you build into the VM? What machine, base clock frequency, is the hypervisor running on? Also, you can mount the ROCK drive to another machine via SMB and look over the logs. That may give clue as to what the system is doing.

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Thank you for sharing your story.

I am using a NUC11 i5 11Gen CPU with 32G memory host the ESXi, allocated 4 cores and 8G memory to ROCK.

I’m wondering should I move the roon server to a linux machine instead of ROCK, is there any sound quality difference compare to ROCK and Roon server on a linux?

Not supposed to be if you’re using a network endpoint. If you’re using a directly connected (USB / HDMI) DAC then maybe. I like the simplicity of ROCK myself… I’d work to solve it.

Thanks for the help.

I moved roon server to debian vm, and didn’t do the backup restore, let roon server analyze the music. After that, everything works like a charm, in idle time, CPU rate is about 1-2%