ROCK downloaded 2.3 GB of data today! Why?

I was looking at my internet usage today and noticed my ROCK machine downloaded 2.3GB of data.
Why would this be, should I be concerned?

Likely metadata did you add a lot of music recently. Did you download an update?

I don’t think it downloaded an update. And I haven’t added any new music.

I just noticed that a few days ago there was about 6gb of download traffic too!

Dumb question, I know, but were you streaming music by any chance?

As in from Tidal (no)? Or you mean just listening to music stored on the machine?

Just looking at more stats from my router.

At around 1pm there was 2.3gb downloaded data and at 4am another 2.7gb of download traffic

Roon periodically downloads updated metadata and artist / band and album images.

It’s nothing to worry about.

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OK, great. Thanks.

My MacBook has been playing up the last few days and I noticed that too had high download stats so started to worry something untoward was happening!

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It’s almost always updated artist photos and album covers in your library.

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