ROCK endpoint with NUC5PPYH PENTIUM N3700 possible?

Hi all

Is it possible to use the NUC5PPYH PENTIUM N3700 as a ROCK endpoint?

Here are the specs:

This NUC has definitely more than enough resources to act as an roon endpoint.
In fact, I am using it as a roon endpoint running Win10 but I would like to have it as ROCK endpoint.
Is this possible from the hardware point of view?

Thanks in advance

Before getting an i7 NUC I ran Rock on the N2820 NUC and a second N2820 NUC as an audio endpoint. The N2820 cpu is similar to yours so I would guess yours would work as long as you’re only streaming to endpoints and not doing any DSP type stuff :+1:

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It is on the 14nm die but takes DDRL 3 which suggests it aligns with gen 5 NUCs. ROCK should install OK, I would be very surprised if it did not. I ran ROCK on an Atom NUC just fine as an endpoint.

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Thanks, but I want to run it only as a ROCK endpoint without core duties.
So the grunt (or lack thereof) is not the possible issue but more so if the Hardware is supported by teh ROCK…

Thanks Henry
That was more my question, so I will give it a go.
Thanks again

The only issue is that ROCK is a server install. While it can be used as an endpoint, it is still a server. It would be cleaner to just install Linux and the Linux version of RoonBridge to act as an endpoint.

That is very much a matter of opinion. Just installing a minimal Linux install, just installing the minimum dependencies and just maintaining it independently of any Roon updates. Or just installing ROCK.:man_shrugging:t5:

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Actually, if it is already setup and working as and endpoint, why bother changing things. Keep in mind, if you are using DSD at all, you need to verify that the DAC can work with Linux and, if so, that the ROCK kernel supports the DAC in native mode (if you care about that).

Well, if setting up an endpoint appliance, I would just use the standard ubuntu install and then RoonBridge. RoonBridge is auto updated by Roon. No need for maintenance.

IMHO, Roon should generate a ROCKBridge install, that just installs the base RoonOS linux and RoonBridge, without the server portion.


You nailed it.
That is exactly my point :+1:

Even better :+1:
ROCK without core, just the ROCK OS with the roon bridge.
That is exactly what I would love to have :sunglasses:
I guess it can’t be that much of a hassle.
It’s all there already…
Feature request?

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Anyone tried the NUC8CCHKR as an endpoint? It’s relatively inexpensive and fanless. Quite tempting.

Why should one want to use such powerful hardware if a RPi is actually enough for the job?

I’m running Roon Cores on such hardware (Celeron N3150 and Pentium N3710). Yes that will not work for everyone and I know that. So such hardware is surely able to operate as a Roon Bridge.

Note: With ROCK there is no way to make use of the hardware for other jobs.

Do you remember how big the SSD must be/your SSD was?

The one in my NUC is only 32 GB but it is running Win10 Home…
Roon says minimum size is 64 GB but that seems ginormous.
One would think Win10 needs a LOT more space than ROCK :roll_eyes:

I would love to try ROCK as roon bridge with that 6W TDP NUC, but I don’t want to overwrite the Win10 installation, only to find out that ROCK will not run on 32 GB :anguished:

32gb will work but only if you have a very small collection. The ROCK admin page will tell you what percentage of the drive is used. I use a 128gb M.2 SATA that is 99% unused. My collection is around 8000 tracks.

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Thank you for the info, Henry :+1:
I want that ROCK NUC only to be a no hassle lightweight roon bridge :flushed:
Does ROCK support WiFi?
My roon core is on a Lampizator SuperKomputer :innocent:

32gb is more than enough then. I used the same size to build a ROCK powered end point. ROCK can support WiFi but not universally. Not all WiFi cards are equal. They need to be compatible with the NUC and recognised by ROCK. So people have purchased a card known to work with ROCK and found it to be incompatible with their particular NUC.

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You can run RoonBridge on Windows 10. Which will also allow you to run any USB drivers that you may need for the Lamp.

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Thanks again, Henry
I think I will finally give ROCK a try on that NUC, then :thinking:

Hi Daniel
That’s the way I have it now.

I would like to turn this NUC from LOW maintenance (Win10 updates on the very limited 32 GB drive and antivirus protection on that headless NUC) to NO maintenance ROCK.
Oh. And the Lampis “can” Linux AND Windows.
I use both :wink: