ROCK for Apple hardware [not on roadmap]

For those of us using a Mac computer, it would be great to have an optimized Roon Core to download, or at least a script to reduce the number of OSX services to the bare minimum to support all Roon functionality.
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You can already download the core server part only for macos and run it as background service.

ROCK is an OS designed to run Roon on Intel NUC hardware not software to install. Others have run at as a VM though but this wont give you what you require.

Check this out…

There are enough tweaking guides out there for MacOS and Windows. We don’t plan to add to these. ROCK is not about tweaking, it’s designed from the ground up to only include what is needed for the best Roon experience.

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I had already installed and running ComputerAudioDesign v 1.3 but it is tested only up to Yosemite I think. So you must stop at that OSX version.

I have also done some terminal tricks such as enable Quit Finder and so on.

This brings the Mac Pro (2013) to a surprising sound quality. However the more processes removed the better sound you get.

I gave Amarra Luxe another trial (I have been Amarra user since the begining), and it has sensibly more detail and atmosphere than Roon, but the interface is way less impressive.

I have not tried Audirvana yet.

Love the Roon interface, that’s why I was hoping to find some script to further optimize Roon, but I understand the developers have chosen to go with windows/intel NUC which is a fair trade decision.

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