ROCK Formatting internal storage to ext4 …

Roon Core Machine

Core i7 8700 ROCK 16 gb ram

Description of Issue

If I format the SSD 2TB to ext4 and load the music 2TB on it, will it be recognized by ROCK if I connect it to the SATA internal port of my server?

Or is necessary to format it in the ROCK GUI interface web interface to achieve acces to it?

The question is to avoid the large time it takes to transfer the files via the network… any help will do ?

You need to format the internal music storage drive from within ROCK using the web interface, music cannot be pre-loaded:

You can use an external drive formatted to exFat.

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What I did was let ROCK format the drive. Then i took it out, put it on another machine to copy my files over. Then of course put the drive back in ROCK and let it analyze it all


Well, in my experience the ROCK machines are quite cooperative when it comes to network file transfers. Just make sure you stop the Roon Server beforehand, otherwise there will be discrepancies in the library from the struggle between identification, analysis and file transfers.
And yes, as stated, you can have ROCK format and tag the drive, unplug it and insert into a compatible machine where you perform the copy. But i can han´rdly see the gain over connecting the ROCK with a Cat6 ethernet cable, where you quite easily transfer 120MB/s unless you found some ancient harddrive to use? :slight_smile:

a compatible machine needs to be a linux system?or may be a windows machine using some special software, and no way to compare file transfer speeds over the network to doing so with an external machine , I use cat 9 ethernet cable and a tplink switch with no technical problems at all, no way get a viable answer for my question.wich machine will i use for copyng my files into the ext4 formaatted disk

If you’re dissatisified with the answers given, perhaps you are asking the wrong question?
I don’t think anyone here will answer your direct question, because it is outside the scope of “intended use”. Feel free to experiment though. :slight_smile:
But still, the answer is “any machine that natively can read/write ext4fs without destroying Roon Core’s tagging”…

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Because Windows and macOS are uncooperative, they don’t usually have the option to interact with ext4 formatted disks. There are third-party drivers but at least on Windows (don’t know about Mac) they could only be used to read, not write.

A year or two ago, Windows gained the ability to mount ext4 disks using its new Linux subsystem, WSL. However, how reliable this is, I don’t know.

As copying over a 1 Gbps wired Ethernet link only takes a few hours, just doing it that way will probably be finished before you are done creating the workaround. I don’t see the problem, just start the network copy in the evening and it will normally be done in the morning

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The Windows drivers for ext4 can be flaky, especially for writing data. I’ve seen them used more for reading data off a drive. However, I think since v2021 Windows opened up ext4 access by mounting via the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 using a specialized WSL mount command. I have not tried it, but, if you want to this should help.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2

I still think a simple external USB drive is always the best option for a NUC (or Nucleus) for a variety of reasons.

Since, what you are asking for and trying to do is outside the parameters of normal usage, I am moving this to the Tinkering section.

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