ROCK gives me no acces to Storage file

NUC 10i5FNHN gives me no acces to the Storage file, message says I have no permission to access that file.

I’m trying to access form a MacBook Pro OS 10.15

Any suggestion ?

Thank you in advance

Are you using guest as user and password as you need to enter those

Is the storage on an external USB, or a secondary internal Hard drive? The primary hard drive in a ROCK setup cannot be used for storage, it is just used for the Operating System.

Thank you @Rugby, maybe I should have gave all that information in the first post:

I’m using an external USB. ROCK is working fine at home and with Roon ARC.

BTW what are the user and password in my ROCK ? I connect as a guest, could that be the problem?

Follow up question. The USB drive is attached to the ROCK NUC and you are trying to access it from a Mac?

Second, the external USB drive was that originally formatted on a MAC, and if so, what format did you use. If you used a HFS+ format then that can cause write issues when attached to a Linux based PC.

Rock presents all attached storage as a open share with guest access.

Yes to the first question.

And to the second one, the external USB was formatted in FAT 32

The drive should be viewable over the network as it is shared by the ROCK NUC. I am a Windows guy, but, another Mac user here posted

Yep, exactly there’s where my problem starts, I can see the drive in the finder, but Rock gives me no access to it, it says I have no permission to see its content.

I can access the content with Roon and I can play all the music on it, but I can not import, I have to connect it to my MacBook to do it

If it I’d as I mentioned HFS+ formatted which cannot write to, then you will need to copy everything off the drive and reformat as exFAT.

If this is the case, personsll6, I’d buy a new drive, format it to exFAT and copy everything to it. That way there is a backup of your music

How are you connecting to it using connect to server in the finder menu?

He’s already said it’s fat32 which should not cause Rock to have any write permissions to the drive. But I have had file access permissions on Linux from drives and folders that had been created first by a Mac as they give them funky permissions. Perhaps attach to mac and ensure that it has permissions to allow anyone to access.

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Yes, I missed that. :frowning: Sorry.

HAs any one ever fixed this issue? I have the exact thing going on. Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Go to Finder > connect to server >

Type: smb://rock

A dialog box should appear and type;

Name: guest
Password: (there is not password, leave blank)

Click Remember this password in my keychain

This should now connect. It will also now show in your finder sidebar under locations.

If you press rock under locations in the sidebar and it doesn’t connect. Make sure you click in the top right [Connect As…] - then it should connect.

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