Which connection of ROCK on a NUC to a AV-receiver is better? Through HDMI (ALSA) or through ROPIEEE (RPI) via ethernet?

Roon recommend separating core and endpoints, which would point to using Ropieee with either a USB connection or S/PDIF via compatible HAT. On the other hand, plenty of people are quite happy with Core HDMI to an AV amp - which setup sounds better is for you to decide.

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Ropieee doesn’t support HDMI connections - Only USB or HAT’s

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HDMI from ROCK supports multichannel (5.1, 7.1 surround). If you don’t have any multichannel music, then as @mikeb mentioned it’s best in theory to separate the core from endpoints and a Raspberry Pi makes a great little endpoint.

There is a 16 bit depth limitation with Raspberry Pi and HDMI. You probably want to stay with ROCK on a NuC for HDMI.


All thanks for the answers. Because of the 16 bit limitation of the RPI, I will stay with the HDMI.