ROCK inconsistent end to tracks

Hi - new Rock user here. Was really hoping for a super smooth experience but not quite getting that. Between a lot of tracks either the end of a track or beginning of the next track, or both, are cut into, this happens whether I’ve got crossfade on or not. Sometimes it’s absolutely fine but I can’t distinguish a pattern for it.

Is there something I can do to make sure the tracks always fade out properly or play to the very end?

I’ve got a 70,000 library between local and Tidal. Using an external hard drive and mostly listen on random/shuffle mode.

Anyone else experienced this? I’ve got the Roon recommended hardware inc NUC8i3BEH.

Are you sure the aberrant fades aren’t on the albums themselves? Abbey Road, for example, has no fades on the album, being intended to played continuously.

[Abbey Road may not be the right one, but you get the idea.]

Ah, yes, indeed. I think it happens too often for that to be the only thing that’s happening but I’ll check!

No, never. Other than sometimes I might get pauses between streamed tracks, but that is just the nature of streaming.

You have not detailed your network setup. If the RoonCore is on WiFi that could be an issue.

First, I’d suggest turning and leaving crossfade off while you are investigating the symptoms so that it can be eliminated as a cause for what you are hearing. Second, keep a record of when you hear this, what were the songs, was one local and the other streaming, were both streaming? Third, you can test to see if it affects local music by turning off Tidal and just playing local content. (If local only content plays without issue then you’ve narrowed the issue down)