ROCK install from another NUC

Hi. I have an old NUC that died and have ordered a new one. When I set the new one up will I be able to swap the old M2 Card from the old NUC as this holds the ROCK OS and therefore not need to reinstall ROCK?
Also will it boot from this or will I need to do the BIOS changes like a first install?
Finally, I have a Samsung HD in the old NUC (holding the music) Do I just put this in the new NUC and it will recognise the library or do I need to do a restore from my Dropbox backup (never done this either)

I did manage an install from scratch last time but would be much easier if I didnt need to!

Yes you should be able to use the M.2 SSD from your old NUC - assuming that the SSD has not also failed (unlikely).

This may work - but it may not. It would depend upon whether or not both NUCs employ the same boot method - legacy MBT boot or UEFI boot. I suppose that there is nothing to stop you trying it.

If the new NUC employs UEFI boot and it does not boot the old OS image, then, with modern NUCs, you have the choice of boot method so if it doesn’t work with UEFI boot (almost certainly the default on a modern NUC), you could then try enabling legacy boot in the BIOS.

However, if you have to enable legacy boot, it would mean that you would continue to be using an outdated boot method which may have ramifications in the future - for example, it may mean that the you will not be able to upgrade to the next version of RoonOs (version 260 is in early access) which brings HDMI support to 12th and 13th generation NUCs.

Personally, under these circumstances, I would perform a complete new UEFI boot install and then restore the Roon database from backup. I suppose, if you do not have a backup, you could:

  1. Boot using the original SSD in legacy boot mode
  2. Perform a database backup
  3. Change the NUC to UEFI boot
  4. Use ROCK to reinstall RoonOs (obliterating the old RoonOs install and the the Roon Database in the process) using UEFI boot.
  5. Restore the backup created in step 2.

Yes - you will be able to move this Samsung HD from the old NUC to the new NUC without issue. Your media storage should remain intact.

This is more work, but it is still the best way to perform the migration.

Whatever you do, make sure that any new install you do is done using UEFI boot - as this will allow the latest versions of RoonOS.

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Thats amazing thanks- really helpful . I will install the M2 drive and the Samsung drive and see what happens! The new NUC is a PAH11 as was the old one so hoping should be ok but the bios bit was fine - it was finding the right fmg codec that was the only tricky part last time as i remember.
really appreciate the response- being without ROON is worse than i thought!

If the NUC types are the same (or at least the same generation), there should be no issue simply moving the SSD across and booting from it.

If you do need to reinstall from scratch, the links to ffmpeg can be found at:

Note: The first link in this section takes you to the generic download page and you have to know which download to use.

However, the second download link - in step 1 of the step by step instructions - is a direct link to the file that must be downloaded.