ROCK Install on NUC6i7KYK

Hi, I have an Intel NUC6 i7 that I would like to install ROCK on. In looking at the instructions, I don’t see this model listed in the supported list. Is it possible to install ROCK on this device?

I think it would be fine. I tried a Rock install on an older i3 Nuc that did not have on board networking and Rock failed. I have a feeling ROCK would have worked on the old i3 if it recognized the USB network hardware, but it complained and halted the install saying I did not have a network connection. I ultimately installed Roon on the older i3 but not Rock, it was Roon on Linux Mint. It was pretty stable, but I liked the Rock concept so got a new NUC8i3BEH. Rock runs flawlessly on that. Bottom line is if ROCK likes your hardware it will install and if it doesn’t it won’t. I suspect you won’t have any problems with a 6gen i7 NUC at all. Give it a shot - it doesn’t take that long to install so I think you have nothing to lose if you already have the NUC

In the words of Danny himself:

Here’s a thread about it. The gist is that it will run: