ROCK installation

I am currently running Win7 on NuC for roon core, and just found out today that I can use ROCK instead…

Ok, I been reading instructions, but somethings are not clear… so I was wondering if anyone can help me with going from win7 to rock. As I have zero knowledge on Linux, these questions can sound stupid but I really dont want to make any mistakes, particularly I don’t want situation where I lose all my music files.

  • So basically if I install ROCK which is different OS, then my Win7 system will be completely wiped out?

  • I use interal 2.5inch 2T hdd to store my music as D: (drive). If I install ROCK, all these files will be erased?

You are best to take an image copy of your windows system prior to starting. That way you can always go back. I assume you have windows installed on a m2 SSD. I would just buy another to install Rock on and that way you can just remove the windows drive and if you ever want to go back reinstall it.

Yes your HDD with music on it will be reformatted by Rock. You have 2 options here:

  1. Back your music up, let a Rock reformat the drive and then restore the music.

  2. Remove the drive and put it in a usb enclosure and just run with it as a usb drive.

Whichever way you go you should back your music up anyway.