ROCK Intel NUC HDMI Audio Not Showing Up as Audio Device

Roon Core Machine

Intel Frost Canyon NUC 10 Miniature Desktop Computer (Tall)

Samsung 250GB 980 PRO PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 Internal SSD

Crucial 16GB Laptop DDR4 2666 MHz SODIMM Memory Module (1 x 16GB)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Pro
Wired directly to NUC

Connected Audio Devices

Tried HDMI monitor and Marantz AVR

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I just migrated from Roon Server running on Ubuntu on a custom built PC to ROCK on a brand new Intel NUC. Restoring my library from backup worked without a hitch. I am really hoping to use the HDMI out on the NUC as a Zone but it is not appearing under Audio Devices in Setup. HD Audio is Enabled in the NUC Bios. I’ve tried with the HDMI output connected to an HDMI monitor and also with a Marantz SR-7010 AVR.

Rock 1.8 (build 831)


How can I have the HDMI output show up as an Audio Device?

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The Intel NUC 10i7FNHN has no HD Audio support and No Audio Codec. Even that the BIOS says so. I have the same NUC and I got it knowing that it has no HD Audio because I didn’t need it. My NUC serves only as Roon ROCK server.


Well, that would explain it! Thank you for the insight. Looks like I’ll be exchanging this for an HD Audio capable NUC. Any recommendations? I have a large library so need some horsepower. NUC11 i7 probably?

NUC 11 does not support Roon ROCK yet. You can still use the NUC 10i7FNHN as Roon ROCK core and add an USB External DAC.

@Enrico_Castagnetti – would you be willing to say a little more about this please?

I use a NUC 8i7BEH for Roon (ROCK). From the NUC 8i7BEH, I play a lot of multichannel music via HDMI to a Marantz PrePro. But I’ve literally just (20 minutes ago!) set up a NUC 10i7FNHN. Not for Roon, but rather, set up to use with Win10. But I had thought I could down the road put ROCK on the NUC 10i7FNHN if needed, and use via HDMI out for multichannel music in the same way as the NUC 8i7BEH. So I’m dismayed if I’m understanding that the NUC 10i7FNHN would not work for HDMI out + multichannel.

The specs you mentioned at Intel® NUC 10 Performance kit - NUC10i7FNHN indicate that it has:

“Audio (back channel + front channel) 7.1 digital (HDMI, Type-C)”.

Would this not allow it to work with ROCK for HDMI multichannel out even though it does not have Intel HD Audio Technology?

Any additional info appreciated – thanks in advance!

Like @otinkyad, I was also planning on using the HDMI output for multichannel music. I’ll be returning the NUC for one that is capable. Any idea when NUC 11 will be supported by Roon?

I checked my NUC 10i7FNHN connected to my Denon X6700H and it does not work either. If I plug a DAC via USB to my NUC, then that works. I’m going to let Roon Staff support team to chime in so they can work with your issue.

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Thanks @Bryan_Nieman and @Enrico_Castagnetti for checking on this (and Enrico, additional thanks for testing at your end – much appreciated!).

I’ve been looking some more at info about NUCs and Intel HD Audio, and I think I may have figured it out. My current understanding is that (1) ROCK, unlike Windows, depends on Intel supplying the audio drivers. (2) Intel provides the audio drivers needed for “HD Audio”, or more tangibly, HDMI audio, for some models (e.g., NUC8i7BEH and NUC10i7FNH-non-N) – but not for NUC10i7FNHN. (Why on earth would Intel do this??) (3) Ergo, ROCK can play audio via HDMI on some models, including the NUC8i7BEH that I currently use (“HDA Intel PCH HDMI” zones do show up as available on that model in ROCK), but not on the NUC10i7FNHN.

Probably was blindingly obvious to both of you, but it took me a while to get there! – thanks for the input.


Using Intel’s Compare tool (which is probably what @otinkyad used) it appears the ONLY difference between the N and Non-N models is the HD Audio support and audio panels!

Intel Compare Tool:

I am looking for the highest powered NUC that is compatible with ROCK and also supports HDMI as an Audio Zone, @support please steer me in the right direction and please let us know if NUC11 support is on the horizon.

@Bryan_Nieman – If it’s any help: I just set up a return of my 10i7FNHN and purchased this:

“Only 11 left”, it says. It does give the specific model number as 10i7FNH1, which I figure I can hold the seller to if they ship me an N. (I hope!!)

I usually don’t like to purchase from Amazon third-party sellers, so I’m crossing my fingers about this seller. (And please don’t blame me if you purchase from them and have a bad experience!! :wink:

Please report back which model you end up with from your Amazon purchase from seller “Protech365”. I did see that listing on Amazon but they are charging quite a premium for it at $738.85. The “N” version I just purchased for $597.99.

It looks like the tell-tale way to see if you have a NUC10 that supports HD Audio (and as a result, supports being a Roon zone) is the headphone jack on the front panel.


The latest NUC generation, NUC 11 (which is selling for $629, though backordered currently), does have the headphone jack on the front panel so if we can get Roon ROCK compatibility with that model, it would be a compelling choice. I know there an issue with not having Legacy Boot Support on the NUC11 that has been an obstacle based on other threads on this forum and NUC11 runs hot (if I am reading this post right Nucleus moving to Intel NUC11?)
Intel NUC 11 Performance kit NUC11PAHi7 Product Specifications

Hi All,

Thank you for the reports here! It does sound that NUC10s that end with an N in the model name don’t have the proper drivers here to show the HDMI output. I am checking to see if this is accurate with the hardware team, thanks for bringing this to our attention!

@otinkyad I scored a NUC10i7FNH on eBay for a deal and got it setup over the weekend.

I did a fresh install of ROCK on the NUC and then restored my latest Roon backup.

I can confirm the HDMI output shows up as an endpoint (along with the analog out) without issue. Thanks for your help @otinkyad and @Enrico_Castagnetti.

Hopefully this thread will help others.


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