ROCK - Intel Nuc10i7fnh Core i7-10710u with 6 TB USB storage

Roon Core Machine

Intel Nuc10i7fnh Core I7-10710u 8 GB DDR4 RAM M2.SSD 256 GB SSD for Roon OS
4 HDD disks with 2TB each one, connected via USB to the NUC.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Intel Nuc10i7fnh Core I7-10710u as server running rock, switch standard TPlnk, Allousb Signature as endpoint running roonbridge.

Connected Audio Devices

Esoteric D07 DAC connected via SPDIF.

Number of Tracks in Library

albums 4000 most in dsd and wav format

Description of Issue

Will it be reasonable to continue using the 4x 2TB HDDs, or is better to replace for 2x 4 TB HDD?
Is ROCK is capable of managing this storage weight or it is recommendable to use a NAS?

This seems adequate (for stereo) although a NAS has its own advantages.

Hi Wilfredo,
i am running a ROCK NUC10i7FNK right now with three externa USB drives, with a total of 15Tb of storage space, some 18.000 albums and 270.000 tracks in various resolutions and both PCM and DSD.
It is also running without Intel Dynamic Power management at this time due to a limited power supply so somewhat restrained performance wise.
However, there are no discernible delays or limitations as far i can tell. I also use a pretty powerful MOCK unit with 32Gb RAM av an Intel Core i5-11400 which runs just a smigden faster but nowhere near significant.


helloo mikael, wahat you mean MOCK , I dony know what is that,is a NAS device?

Wilfredo, a piece of hardware which is running Roon OS (ie ROCK) but is not officially supported by Roon is commonly referred to as MOCK’s.
In my scenario it’s an Asus ROG Strix B-360I mini-ITX motherboard with generic desktop RAM and CPU installed in a passively cooled Streacom case. (I referred wrongly to my Windows Server previously)

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I will try my dry wit one more time. Whenever the hardware is over-specced, it is commonly referred to as a JOCK.

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plse i dont understand that idiomatic expression, only plain English I can understand, can you describe more the thing you want to say , thank you.

wich power supply do you have installed on that server?

Hi Wilfredo,
my MOCK server is powered by an NanoPSU from eBay, i think it is rated 180W. This ATX PSU is in turn powered by a linear custom 12V/6A built by a local guy. It’s working fine and doesn’t consume much power normally, around 15W while playing music.

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