ROCK is this PC hardware OK?

I have a minitower Dell Optiplex core i7 8 Gb Ram ssd 240Gb.
Is this hardware OK instead of a NUC? What I have to install? ROCK or Roon OS?
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Welcome to the community Sergio.

ROCK goes on a dedicated NUC. You need to install Roon.

If you intend to use the computer only for Roon you can install ROCK on it. ROCK is a special fork of linux that includes Roon Server and runs nothing else.

During the trial period when I was evaluating Roon I installed ROCK on an old Optiplex i5 with 8GB of RAM and a small SSD and it ran well. It was easy to download and create an install USB to set up ROCK. Ultimately I switched to another system with more power and RAM.

If you are going to use the computer for anything other than a Roon Core then install Roon rather than ROCK.

Following on from @BCBC post, …

ROCK may run on that hardware, however, the Roon team will only support it on the NUCs they list on their website.

That’s not to say don’t try it or there will be problems … many do this (it’s referred to as a “MOCK”, see the #tinkering section) are and very happy but it’s worth noting you’re somewhat on your own at best with just community support if you have problems.

I had no issues whatsoever running ROCK on the optiplex. Tidal streaming, 41K local library and 8 endpoints.

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I’m running roon on a dell optiplex i59500,so ur hardware is fine,but can’t get rock to boot for some reason,it install fine to the ssd,but after the reboot the ssd disappears from the boot manager,tried everything

Thanks all for the answears. Of course I will dedicate the pc only for Roon, so I will install ROCK as you say. The question is: I don’t think a normal pc is different from NUC according they have the same hardware configuration (i7, 8 gb ram, 240 SSS)?
On Dell I have 4 USB port. Can I connect 4 external HD with music files? How much Gb can support Roon? Thanks

Sorry, I know this is late (very late). But, depending on year of your PC, Dell stopped support Legacy booting from around 2020. This maybe why you cannot boot from the drive.

Just in case anyone comes across this issue, it may help them. As soon as Roon supports UFEI, this won’t be an issue.