Rock issues with nuc8

Thanks so much to everyone that has helped me along. I was able to duplicate what Frederic suggested and after downgrading my Bios with the jumper removed the nuc detected my USB key with the roon OS. I installed it on the m.2 and will carry on with my installation.

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Hi Don,

based on my experience with the NUC 8i3 BEH after the bios update to 090, the Nuc could no longer find the boot SSD.
My note in the forum describes the possibility of resetting the bios to the previous version 089. Without the current Rock OS update 254, the Intel Bios update led to this error message from the boot SSD.

After the Roon Rock Update OS 254 I flashed the new Bios 090 again and installed everything again… Roon Rock OS 254 new, then Bios settings on Uefi Bios (see Roon helpdesk) and saved the codes for MP3 again, and all metadata from Roon pulled from the internet (overnight), all radio stations saved again,… now everything is running great again (with Uefi Bios).

Hopefully this experience will help you.

Greetings Ralf