Rock Migration issues

I just migrated my core from an old MacBook Pro to a NUC ROCK. I think I followed Roon’s instructions. I backed up my DB the same day I restored it to the NUC. And it worked … mostly.

I had previously spent many hours fixing duplicate tracks, supplying missing album art, and merging split albums. But when I restored from the backup, I had lost a significant % of those corrections. And it isn’t because I somehow restored an old DB version – the most recent imported albums are all present, and I did my cleanup months before that.

The other problem is that it is currently impossible to delete duplicate tracks/albums. When I get to the last step I get a message that every file I try to delete, I get a “file in use” error message even though I am not listening to any music.

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Not an expert, but when you brought up the backup, did you create a new storage location or did you “edit” the missing storage location to point it to the new place where the same folder structure can be found? What you’re describing sounds similar to what I’ve experienced when I’ve mistakenly added the files again instead of “re-pointing” the unfounded storage location. Hope I’m explaining alright, but if not there’s one of the moderators who has laid this out in great detail before for me. Perhaps @Geoff_Coupe ?

Yup, that mention of “duplicate tracks/albums” sounds as though Roon thinks it’s a new import of tracks, rather than the original tracks, but in a different location.

This makes sense, I think. But I’m still not clear on what I did wrong.

You could reset ROCK and try again restoring your backup.

OK, I have manually fixed most of what was lost in the transfer. But one remaining issue, and one important new one:

  1. I still get the “file in use” error message whenever I try to delete a file.

  2. More importantly, I haven’t figured out a good way to back up my music files. When I used an old MacBook Pro as core, it was simple to back up with Time Machine to my Synology NAS. I’m frankly shocked that I can’t just plug in a USB HDD and get a one-click (or scheduled) music file back up. Backing up the database is pointless if my music files go away. My NAS is too old to use Active Backup For Business, which another user recommended. I haven’t found another app that will regularly back up my music files. I might not have switched to ROCK if I had known this would be such a PITA.