ROCK Missing codec for album - These Foolish Things with Bryan Ferry on Tidal

Hi all you’re great folks.

I can play nearly everthing from Tidal, but one of my all times favourite albums with Bryan Ferry, “These Foolish Things” is an exception.

I am getting the error missing codec. I understand the message, but what kind of codec should I install on my NUC ROCK server?

Hi your dummy :smile: read the album info. The album is in the AAC format.

Information on how to install the codec can be found at this link

As a software developer I really appreciate how easy it is to work with the ROCK server. The documentation is spot on and the server software is very fast and reliable.
This is not and easy task to accomplish. So great job :+1:

With my mac it took me 1-2 min to install the AAC codec and restart the ROCK server.


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