ROCK / MOCK Tutorial in ESXi7 for Beginners

Having a nuc (10i7) I wanted to try to install ROCK in ESXi 7 (VM mode) but I found some difficulties, because the downloadable iso is not bootable by ESXi; after several readings I found the right way to do it and I would like to share with you the procedure also for those who like me are a newbie with ESXi.

I’ll leave you with lots of pictures because as they say: a picture is worth a thousand words.

First, after downloading the iso from the official Roonlabs website, we need to extract it and get the .img and convert it with a software StarWind V2V Converter.:

Now let’s prepare the virtual machine with VMware Workstation Pro 16

2.VMware 3.VMware 4.VMware 5.VMware 6.VMware 7.VMware 8.VMware 9.VMware 10.VMware 11.VMware 12.VMware 13.VMware 14.VMware 15.VMware

remove the printer and DVD, which serves no purpose


Switch on the newly created virtual machine and check that everything is working fine

Now that everything is working properly, we turn off the machine and create a disk where we can install ROCK

26.VMware 27.VMware 28.VMware 29.VMware 30.VMware

It is now time to connect a second keyboard to our computer and make some changes to the VMW file to enable device passthrough.

Now we can finally install ROCK!

Now we turn off the machine and disconnect the “ROON installer” host disk and export the entire virtual machine in OVA format.


Now simply import the new *.ova machine onto your ESXi 7 and you’re done.

I hope I have been clear and helpful for those of you who are new to ESXi.


This is good stuff. I know the time you spent on capturing the images. Well done.

How’s it performing? In my VM I found it was a little happier with 8GB RAM. It will run ok at 4 but if you give it a little more it gets a bit more responsive.

Excellent !!!
It is the most detail installation guidelines I have ever see. Just step by step even a newbie can clone the result.

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Many thanks.

There are some differences when using the free workstation but I’ve managed to improvise based on this guide and successfully added ROCK to my ESXi.

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@fatez Steve, I applaud the time and effort you put into your post. Hats off to you sir!

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Thank you so much, it is a pleasure to share with the community.

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Thanks for this great post and the passthrough tip… I could get there on my own up to the point where I needed keyboard input during the setup and could not find any way to make it work :wink:

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