Rock - Native DSD support for Singxer

I am using Singxer SU1 DDC with PS Audio DS DAC connected over I2S. My computer running ROCK is directly connected to the SU1. The DS supports native DSD over I2S, however I can’t seem to configure Native DSD support in Rock. It only allows me to configure DoP.

The following patch enabled Native DSD for Singxer and wondering if Rock has it already. I am using the latest and greatest version build 247.

Same issue as explained here I think.

It could take a long time for these patches to become available in the mainline kernel if the intent of Rock is to pick it up from there. Rest assured at least for the SU1, this patch is available in the Sonore Sonic Orbiter 2.5 kernel for sometime now and works well with microRendu (I have uR as well). So it tested well enough from various users.