ROCK no longer able to find IP address - reset to DHCP?

I’ve just bought a Google WiFi mesh router setup to replace my Virgin Router (now in modem mode) and having troubles reconnecting to my ROCK

Thinking back, I’m pretty certain I’ve set a static IP to my NUC and now it can’t find a network address as I didn’t realise that Google WiFi uses a different range. I’ve plugged a monitor in to check but it just seems to sit on a boot up screen trying to find a network address.

I’ve tried a different cable etc to rule that out and all other devices on the network are working fine. Is there a way I can reset the network settings back to DHCP on the ROCK? I can’t seem to access the main ROCK menu any longer (unless I’m missing a key combo or being impatient). I had a look in the BIOS but there’s nothing there.

Only other options I can think is to reset completely and restore Roon from a recent backup, or switch my Virgin Hub back from modem mode to router temporarily to regain the IP address.

Try this:

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Thanks! I googled the issue but didn’t think to use the knowledge base here - will know for future. Cheers for the quick response

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