ROCK not visible on network Windosws 10


My very first post, been lurking on here for some time :slight_smile:
I’ve just finfished installing ROCK an on NUC7i5BNH, and ready to put some music onto the internal SSD. I’ve got 2 SSD’s installed, one to run the OS and one to tore the music files.
As I’m using Windows 10 on a Sruface Pro, I want to see ROCK in the network folder, but I can’t find it there. I do find it when typing \rock. Is there a way to make it visible without having to type \rock everytime?
I did a little search and perhaps it has something to do with the SMB settings? As I am not a major tech-head I hope someone can help me with this!


Thanks, had a look there too, but when I want to add a tickmark to the SMB related box Windows present me with an errorcode (0x80070002) which doesn’t bring me much further.

Hi @Melkboer,

Can you confirm whether or not there are any Windows updates available for you? If so, please install them and try again.

Can you also try rebooting the machine and then re-enabling SMB 1?


Hi! Thank you, turned out there were a few updates and after which I can see ROCK on my network! I also see a TV which is probably of one of the neighbours… But thanks a lot!


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